Therapaid - An Insurance Billing Company

Ann Schuster is an integral part of the counseling team, as she manages the insurance billing for Stacee Paley and Associates. Because she has become so familiar with the insurance billing needs of therapists, Ann began a billing company of her own, named “Therapaid.” Her clients report higher reimbursement rates and lower insurance company stress after switching their billing over to Therapaid!

In addition to being less expensive and more effective than other medical billing companies in the area, she offers additional services that most billing companies never provide. When new patients make their first appointments, they call Ann to verify their insurance benefits. She researches the insurance information, then explains in advance what to expect in terms of copays, coinsurance and deductibles. This knowledge has significantly reduced surprises and (often ineffective) catch up billing for her clients.

She uses billing software which allows her to submit claims electronically, check eligibility immediately and see all rejections within hours of submitting the claims. Through the use of Navinet, she can track claim status and pending EOB’s online, so that her clients can keep track of pending payments to aid in cash flow planning.

Ann is eager to develop new billing clients who are interested in improving their insurance billing experience. If you are interested in speaking with her about the possibility of using Therapaid’s services to handle your insurance billing, please call 215 353-3868 .

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Appointments may be available 7am to 9pm


Appointments may be available 7am to 9pm


Appointments may be available 7am to 9pm


Appointments may be available 7am to 9pm


Appointments may be available 7am to 3pm